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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I know what's wrong with this country...

This blog was never intended to be anything serious or informative. It began as a way to chronicle the funny things that happen to me, and it will soon return to the original purpose. As for this particular post, I feel compelled to express my feelings about a news story I heard this morning while I was getting dressed for the day.

The link above will take you to the Huffington Post's basic version of the story I heard on Headline News. It's the same story that inspired me to write this little [uncensored] ditty...

There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch
by: Married-White-Fiscally Conservative-Middle Class-College Educated-Woman

'Twas the season of giving, and across our great nation,
people geared up for shopping and taking vacation.

Their purses were hung by the coupons with care,
in hopes that their subsidies soon would be there.

On food stamps! On health care, unemployment, and WIC!
Your penchant for makes me so sick!

Work for your money! Have some pride, use your head!
Get rid of your iPhone, your account's in the red.

Your plasma TV - is that something you need?
Take care of your family, but, PLEASE, ditch the greed.

Give back to the world your treasure and time,
and stop having kids on Uncle Sam's dime.

We've made it too easy, we're partly to blame,
but don't boast of your windfall, have you no shame?

Let's tighten the guidelines, take back the reins.
Our deficit's growing; put an end to these games.

No one should starve for being down on their luck,
but government assistance for all? Holy S***! What the F***?


  1. Ha ha - I'm impressed that you not only took the time to respond but also made it rhyme! I couldn't agree with you more.

  2. So many talents -- poetry, too! Well said.

  3. Indeed. I enjoyed this more on the phone, when you sung it, but this was pretty funny!

    My prove-you're-not-a-robot word was fartreper. Farts are funny.